About organisation

Druskininkai Primary Health Care Center is a personal health care institution licensed to provide the following services:

Primary Outpatient Care: Family Practitioner, Pediatrician, Internal Medicine, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Surgeon
Primary Mental Health Care
Primary dental care and prosthetics
Nursing and supportive care and palliative care
Mental Day Inpatient


Druskininkai Primary Health Care Center is an innovative, constantly developing, attractive healthcare institution for patients and employees.


To provide qualified, safe and timely outpatient, primary level inpatient and emergency health care services to residents and guests of Druskininkai city and municipality, effectively utilizing available resources.


To be closest to the patient at all ages. Listen, advise, and help with health issues. Treatment should be based on the latest medical science, clinical practice and a holistic approach to the individual. Continuously promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage patients to take care of their health.

Our values:

Respect for colleagues and patients
Attentiveness and attention

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